Thursday, December 16, 2010

Abram 11 (and a half) months

So since I have been so bad at updating the blog monthly, Abram's 11 month post has become his 11 1/2 month post.  Abram is such a little cutie!  He is walking around and getting into everything!  A few new tricks he has learned are
-clapping.  He claps and claps and claps.  Claps for himself, claps for others, claps for no reason at all.
-waving.  He waves when you say "Hi" or "Bye".  And a couple times he has even said "hi" or "bye" while waving, although I'm not convinced it wasn't by accident. 
-climbing.  He climbs everything.  He knows how to get down backward off the bed/couch, but the scary thing is climbing onto the ottoman or coffee table.  And then standing.
-he has started to notice stuffed animals, and now he loves them!  Especially this little dancing and singing chihuahua that he got for an early Christmas present.  With that in mind, he has also learned
-dancing.  He wiggles, he bounces, he lifts his feet.  It is the cutest.
Abram making a mess. 

Abey clapping.

Trying out his new big boy car seat.
Abey and his dancing chihuahua.  This is the face he always makes when he sees it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abram- 10 months

Abe is TEN MONTHS OLD!  I am a little late on my post, but he has hit two HUGE milestones this month that have been keeping me busy!
-To start, Abe is WALKING! And I mean full-on walking.  No crawling.  He can stand up on his own, with no chair or wall to pull up on.  I would say his official walking without crawling age is 9 1/2 months.
-Abe said his first real word!  Grandma Lesley taught it to him.  He says "Uh-oh".  And he says it in context, too.  Like if he drops something, knocks over a toy, falls over, etc.  He can say "Da-da" and "Ma-ma" too, but doesn't quite know who's who.  When he is happy, we are both da-da.  But when he is sad, he says ma-ma.  

-For Halloween Abe was a cheeseburger and CJ and I were ketchup and mustard.  

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Abey- 9 months

-Our Baby Abey is 9 months old.
-He is almost walking on his own.  He takes a few steps before falling.
-His absolute favorite thing to do is open and close the cabinets.  He does that all day long.
-Abey still LOVES to take baths and showers.  Now that he can sit up and catch himself when he falls, bathtime has become such a fun thing for him. 
-Abram is very curious about the world around him.  He loves to discover.
-Abram is constantly chatting.
-He gives high fives.
-He is a bruiser, but still loves to get kisses and hugs, and gives them back.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Abram: 8 months

Abram is 8 months!  He has grown and learned so much in the last month!  Here are the highlights:
-Abe can CRAWL!!!   He still prefers scooting to get to places fast, but crawls all over the place too.
-Abe pulls himself up and walks around tables and couches like a CHAMP!  He also knows how to cushion his fall and protect his head when he falls over.  He'll be walking on his own soon!
-Abe has SEVEN teeth!  He got his top two front teeth at the beginning of the month, and just got two more on top and one more on the bottom! 
-Abe can hold his own bottle, and sleeps in his own crib.  Yet he still wakes up and needs a bottle every few hours.
-Abe loves to scream.  Yay for me.
-Abe loves Honey.  Just like all the other grandkids.
-Abe is OBSESSED with Baby Einstein.  That is the only thing he will watch on tv. 
-Abe is awesome.
Not a great pic but you can see a few teeth.
Such a cutie.
That's our Abe!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mt. Charleston

My boys and I went to Mt. Charleston for a night to get away from the city life and enjoy the nice weather.  There wasn't anything to write home about, but I did get some great pics of Ceej and Abe.  Check it.

I was there, too.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abram at 7 months

Abram is 7 MONTHS OLD!!!  He's getting so big, and changing so much!!  Here are some things to mention:
-Abey can sit up by himself, and doesn't cry if he falls over
-Abey can scoot (as mentioned) and is sooo close to crawling!
-Abey lifts his arms up to be picked up
-Abey is eating more and more solid foods, and is really good at chewing, or gumming, his foods
-Abey has a new smile.  He scrunches up his nose now, and it's so funny
-Abey is learning to give high fives
 -Abey's hair is growing super slow (like his mommy's)
-Abey can go exactly where he wants to go in the walker
-Abey is such a happy guy!  Everywhere we go people say he is so happy, and they are right!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog name

Does anyone know how to change my blog name as it appears on my friends' lists?  It still says 'Leaving Las Vegas', but I'm back!!!  Please help!